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IDES - Innovation and Economic, Social and Equitable Development for a Sustainable Oasis

The IDES project proposes to build, in consultation with the actors of the oasis of Jemna, a response to the challenge of a sustainable management taking into account three goals: environmental sustainability, economic development, and an efficient governance framework, putting the local population at the center.

The IDES project has the following specific objectives:

  • build a picture of socio-economic and environmental issues, characterize the possible action opportunities to find lasting solutions to these issues, and produce management tools for better management of the resources of the oasis;
  • conduct a value chain analysis to identify possible changes for a better and more sustainable valuation of oasis productions;
  • design and discuss with all the stakeholders modes of governance, which put the local population at the center;
  • experimentally analyze the behavior of actors in terms of resource exploitation and identify the impact of the different dimensions of the mode of governance (transparency, adherence to rules, approval mechanisms) on withdrawals. This part will require priority recourse to the tools of experimental economics.


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Beyond this study case, which is representative of a local initiative to regain control of land previously managed by external actors, there are many territories in Tunisia, where agricultural production has until now been primarily managed by public organizations, and where the local population wishes to take a more active part in its management. The lessons of the IDES project will also allow, in these areas, to nourish a reflection on the possible modes of governance, and to identify the conditions necessary for an evolution of the modes of governance.













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Additional Info

  • Contact(s):
    Project manager: Faten Khamassi (INAT Tunis)
    WP 5 manager: Stefano Farolfi, Cirad G-Eau
    G-Eau participation: Sylvie Morardet, Nicolas Faysse
    Phone : +33 4 67 16 64 93
    E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Briefly:

    Theme / Domain:  Adaptations and risks of hydrological territories ; Information, uncertainty and decision-making ; Accompanying water stakeholders
    Financial sponsor of study: IRESA

    Partner Organizations: INAT, CIRAD, INRAe, Univ. Montpellier (CEE-M/LEEM), Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic ressources and of Fishery, Association de protection de l’oasis de Jemna, Société ‘Nour Oasis’, Association Vision pour la Citoyenneté et le développement durable à Kebeli.

    Project type: Research / development project aiming to develop solutions to meet the economic, environmental and governance challenges, which prevent a sustainable development of Tunisian oases
    Country, Region of study: Tunisia, Oasis of Jemna

    Starting date of the project: January 2021
    End date of the project: December 2024

  • Productions:

    Productions related to the project:
    Several scientific articles and a thesis in behavioral economics

  • Team(s) of Joint Research Unit concerned:
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