Fate of biological contaminants and microbiome from the drip irrigation system to the soil using reclaimed wastewater - Vincent Moulia

The thesis is part of this global awareness of the value of water, the blue gold, echoing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, for a better and more sustainable future for all. Agriculture in Europe and throughout the world is the largest consumer of water. The use of treated wastewater ('reuse') is one possible solution.

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The thesis  is part of the MUSE ALLEA project: "adapt the treatment of wastewater for agronomic use". ALLEA aims to provide a transversal and multi-scale vision on the development and consolidation of knowledge on the future of the flows of biological and chemical pollutants along the wastewater / irrigation system / soil / plant continuum.


In this context, three laboratories of the Montpellier pole offer a multidisciplinary approach (process engineering, microbiology, environmental chemistry, physics) to assess the influence of ecosystems and the quality of wastewater downstream of treatment on the fate of biological contaminants. The multi relationships between organic matter / microbial communities / contaminants will be studied from the end of soil treatment (by integrating the role of biofilms in irrigation networks).


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Field experiments on the Murviel-lès-Montpellier platform will be supplemented by laboratory devices under controlled conditions in order to quantify the impact of this water resource on the microbial diversity at the outlet of the irrigation system and in the soil, the future. of dissolved and colloidal organic matter and the mechanisms of biofilm development.



Keywords : Water Reuse, drip-irrigation, reaction path, microbiome, fate of contaminants

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  • Contact:

    PhD student: Moulia Vincent
    Postal address: INRAE - 361 rue Jean-François Breton - 34190 Montpellier
    E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Doctoral school: GAIA
    Thesis Directors: Marc Heran et Nassim Ait-Mouheb
    Supervisors:  Nathalie Wéry et Geoffroy Lesage
    Start date: 01/10/2020
    Defense date: coming soon (2023)

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